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How to navigate through the shop?

Left navigation:

The left navigation is considered the product navigation.
First, you choose a manufacturer:

KYB: suspension parts, oil, tools and valves

Hinson: clutch parts en tools

X-Trig: triple clamps, spare parts and accessoires

Yoshimura: full exhaust systems, slip-on, spare parts

After choosing a manufacturer, new options will be available.
Now you can choose specifically what product you are searching for.

Top navigation:

The top navigation is considered the vehicle navigation.
You can use it as a filter once you have selected a product, or you can use it to start your navigation.
You can choose the brand, type and model year of your bike.

 Technical drawings and how they might be helpful while navigating through the shop

You can download our technical drawings here

The number prior to the product name in the technical drawings, is the same number you will find in the left navigation.
So number 32 on the drawing will be number 11.32 in the left navigation:
(KYB --> Front Fork --> 11.32 PISTON ROD COMP REBOUND)

Note: all fork parts start with number 11, shock parts with 12, oil with 13, valves with 14 and tools with 15.

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Catalogs 2017

Download the new Catalogs 2017 by clicking the links below.

Click here to download the Racing Catalog 2017.

Click here to download the Hinson Catalog 2017.

Click here to download the KYB Catalog 2017.



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